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The Increasing Popularity Of Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

Nootropics are any drugs or supplements that can improve cognitive function in healthy people. Key cognitive functions boasted of such drugs often include creativity, memory, and motivation. Nootropics are more commonly known as smart drugs since they enhance brain function. It is thought that as many as 25% of UK students use some form of nootropic… Continue reading The Increasing Popularity Of Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

A Brief Nootropic Guide

A nootropic is simply a drug or supplement whose primary purpose is to boost mental function. Most of the well-known Nootropics have very few undesired side effects and are primarily geared towards lasting cerebral enhancement. Some of the benefits that come with nootropics include increased alertness, awareness, attention, mental dexterity and bettered memory. Most nootropics… Continue reading A Brief Nootropic Guide

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